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Shropshire Pond Products

UV Lights

Ultraviolet or UV lights/filters are required in fish ponds to remove excess green water from a pond.

Ultraviolet lights, or Ultraviolet clarifiers as they are more correctly called are a valuable tool to maintain clear water in Goldfish or Koi ponds.

Most garden ponds will at some time suffer with green water algae. This is not usually harmful to fish but looks unsightly and obviously makes it difficult to see the fish.

Although it is possible to obtain clear water by achieving a natural balance in the pond, this usually takes a long time and is much easier to achieve in a large pond, particularly a pool that is well planted.

For most small to medium ponds it is difficult to maintain stable water conditions and keep the pond water clear of algae with out the use of chemicals or an Ultraviolet light.

Koi ponds provide a slightly different challenge from Goldfish ponds although they are often a large size with stable water conditions they seldom have many plants. Koi ponds also tend to have large fish and a heavy stocking density, this leads to a large amount of waste being produced which acts as a fertiliser for green water algae (and blanket weed).

UV Lights

Air Pumps

In a pond everything is competing for oxygen. Fish, plants (including all forms of algae) all consume oxygen. Even the filter bacteria consumes oxygen needed to convert harmful Nitrites to harmless Nitrates. Decaying organic matter also uses oxygen as it is converted into waste and the 'dirtier' the pond, the higher the requirement for oxygen. Koi are rather special in that they need a considerable supply of oxygen in the water for their survival and well being.

Plant life consumes oxygen during the night and gives off carbon dioxide. This process is reversed during the day. The more organic load on the pond (fish, plants, decaying material) the higher the biological oxygen demand (BOD) Every life form is therefore competing for oxygen.

Cold water can hold considerable amounts of dissolved oxygen. Unfortunately, during warm weather, the ability of water to hold dissolved oxygen is substantially reduced and during warm muggy, thundery days in summer, there is a real threat to the health of fish especially Koi, especially overnight, when plant life can quickly strip the already low levels of oxygen from the water with fatal results for Koi.

Waterfally and fountains provide a little extra oxygen but often no where near what is required. That is where Air Pumps come in. Air pumps help to top up our dissolved oxygen supply to ensure the health of our Koi and to ensure our filters continue to operate correctly.

Air Pumps

Pond Heaters

Pond heaters are used by Koi enthusiasts to keep the temperature of the pond stable throughout the whole year.

As Winter approaches and air temperatures drop, water temperatures also drop and fish enter a state of semi hibernation. Their metabolism slows down and fish will show no interest in food during the coldest months. Fish slow down to preserve energy and seem hardly to move at times.

Pond heaters are controlled by a thermostat and keep the water temperature above the norm through the Winter months. This keeps the fish active so that feeding can continue allowing fish growth through thw Winter months.

Pond Heaters

Pond Lighting

Lighting puts a whole new perspective on your new pond or water feature.

If you have a fish pond, a waterfall or trees leaning over the pond, a set of Hozelock uplighters strategically placed in the bottom of the pond will transform the look of your garden.

If you have a free-standing water feature, a single white spotlight shining on the water as it cascades down can have a dramatic effect.

There are a wide range of products and the possibilities are endless.

We cover the whole of Shropshire including Telford, Shrewsbury, Albrighton, Bridgnorth, Church Stretton, Cleobury Mortimor, Craven Arms, Ellesmere, Ironbridge, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Newport, Oswestry, Shawbury, Shifnal, Wem, and Whitchurch.

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Pond Lighting

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