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Shropshire Pond Fish Health

Water quality and fish health go hand in hand. Fish are affected by harmful variations in natural water quality including water temperature, water pH, dissolved oxygen, supersaturation with disolved gas, Ammonia, Nitrates, Hydrogen sulphide and Carbon dioxide.

On top of that there are chemicals in water such as Chlorine and Divilant metals and salts which can add to the problem.

The most common pests and diseases are:

  • Anchor Worm
  • Blood Parasites
  • Cotton-Wool Disease or Mouth 'Fungus'
  • Dropsy and Malawi Bloat
  • Finrot
  • Fish Fungus and Egg Fungus
  • Fish Lice and Gill Maggots
  • Fish Pox
  • Gill Disease
  • Glochdial Infestation
  • Hereditary Diseases
  • Hole-in-the-head Disease
  • Leech Infestation
  • Neon Tetra Disease
  • Nodular Diseases
  • Nutritional Problems
  • Pests - Algal problems, Fltaworms, Bristleworms, Ostracods, Copepods, Mites, Hydra, Aiptasia, Snails, Beatles, Dragonflies
  • Pop-Eye or Exophthalmia
  • Swimbladder disorders
  • Tumours and Lymphocystis
  • Ulcer Disease and Haemorrhagic Septicaemia
  • Velvet Disease and Coral Fish Disease
  • Wasting Disease and Fish Tuberculosis
  • White Spot Disease or 'Ich'
  • Worms
  • Yelloe Grub, Black Spot and Eye Fluke

fish anatomy
Fish Anatomy

So as the number of diseases which may affect fish is very large, so is the number of possible chemicals and drugs which may be used as treatments is also large. It is imperitive that dose rates are correctly calculated as fish are very sensitive to chemical treatments and drugs.

We provide a professional disease diagnosis and treatment service.

We cover the whole of Shropshire including Telford, Shrewsbury, Albrighton, Bridgnorth, Church Stretton, Cleobury Mortimor, Craven Arms, Ellesmere, Ironbridge, Ludlow, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Newport, Oswestry, Shawbury, Shifnal, Wem, and Whitchurch.

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