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Shropshire Pond Filters

Filters can be divided into three types: Gravity filters, Pressurised filters and UV light filters.

The filter you require will be dependant on the type of pond, the volume of water and the pump you have selected. Note that the filter has to be chosen to match the output of the pump otherwise the filter may overflow. The other thing to bear in mind is that you must use the correct size hoses from the pump to the filter and from the filter back into the pond otherwise this could cause further problems.

Gravity filters

Conventional gravity filters are usually plastic boxes containing a series of course and fine filters and filtration media. Water is passed from the pump into the top of the filter and falls through the filter media which trap solid particles, leaving clean water to pass out the bottom.

If you are looking for low maintenance then there is a new generation of self-cleaning filters available which cut out the need to completely empty and clean the filters several times a year.

Pond Filter

Pressurised filters

As the name suggests, water is passed through pressurised filters under pressure. This means that unlike gavity filters, no standing water is left within the filter and therefore the physical size of these filters is a lot less. A typical pressurised filter is a quarter of the size of a gravity filter. As water is passed through the filter under pressure, these filters can be virtually buried and therefore hidden from site.

The disadvantage is the filters get clogged quicker than gravity filters and need to be cleaned more regularly.

Pond Filters

Ultraviolet light filters

Depending on whether you are having a fish or wildlife pond, and depending on the clarity of water you require, you may need a UV (ultra violet) filter. When you have sunlight on water, then green algae will be generated. By passing water through ultra violet light, this effect is essentially reversed, taking the green out of the water.

Most gravity and compression pond filters now come with a UV light as standard. The water is passed through the UV lights first, before being passed through the filters themselves. The important thing to note here is that although the UV strip light itself becomes less effective over time and most manufacturers recommend that the UV strip light is replaced twice a year for optimum performance.

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Pond UV Lights

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